AF’s mission includes educating the public on how under the US Constitution the citizens of the United States “own” the government in the sense that that only they have a right ultimately determine who controls it. The citizens exercise that ownership and control through the ballot box – electing their representatives at all levels of government to make policy on their behalf.

However, the ability of the citizenry to exercise their control totally depends on the legitimacy of the election process. When that process is corrupted by unlawful voter registration and voting, voter suppression, or other forms of electoral fraud, the sole means of that citizen control is corrupted and the rights of the citizens negated.

Hence, ensuring that only citizens are allowed to register and vote, and that elections are free of fraud, are the keys to protecting the rights and interests of citizens.

To that end, AF supports:

• Requiring proof of US citizenship to register to vote;

• Requiring voter photo IDs at the polls;

• Aggressive criminal prosecution of voter intimidation and suppression tactics;

• Aggressive criminal prosecution of voter fraud at all levels;

• Reasonable criteria for restoration of voting rights for US citizens convicted of non-violent, non-major felonies; and

• Voter education programs.



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