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Gulf War Veteran Shannon Grove, Supporting Our Aging Veterans.

State Senator and Veteran Shannon Grove, Supporting Our Veterans

“As the first female veteran to ever be elected to the California State Legislature, my heart is for veterans. This deep personal connection drives my admiration and support for Americans First, an organization that stands as a pillar of hope for our nation’s heroes, particularly those aged 65 and older, who have bravely served our country from World War II to the Persian Gulf War.
Their unwavering commitment to providing personalized care, easing financial hardships, and ensuring the dignity of our veterans in their golden years is something I hold in high regard. Americans First embodies the very essence of compassion, integrity, and stewardship. I am proud to endorse their mission and warmly encourage others to support this noble cause. Together, let’s honor the sacrifices of our veterans and ensure they receive the respect and care they so rightfully deserve. Join me in backing Americans First, at, and let’s make a significant difference in the lives of our heroes.”
Shannon Grove,
Senate Republican Leader