AF opposes Globalism – i.e., the philosophy of placing the interests of other countries or people above, or even on an equal footing as, those of Americans. AF believes that US government policies should be focused on prioritizing and protecting the interests of, and should be biased in favor of, current US citizens. The interests of citizens should dictate our government’s policies, rather than the welfare of foreigners or of special interests, even those within our own country.

AF believes in US sovereignty, the primacy of the nation state, and opposes efforts to subordinate US national interests to globalist, trans-nationalist or internationalist interests.

AF opposes efforts to form a “world” government or to any other organization that would have any sovereignty over the United States. AF believes that the citizens of every country have the absolute right to determine how they are governed, without regard to international precepts or global views.

AF is alarmed by talk all across the political spectrum of a “new world order” in which citizens’ interests are subordinated to “global democratic opinion” or international bodies such as the UN.  It is AF’s wish and desire for all other nations and their citizens to prosper, but the policies of US government at all levels should be focused on promoting, protecting and defending the interests of US citizens.

Globalism and its disciples have infiltrated many areas of US government, business and society, while defenders of the interests of US citizens have been slandered as nativists and nationalists for merely trying to fight for the interests of citizens against the power grab by foreign and non-citizen interests.

Unfortunately, no longer can the US business community be counted on to defend the interests of US citizens. Many publicly-traded and private companies in the US are, in fact, owned and controlled by foreign interests at odds with those of US citizens. “American” business executives have stated publicly that it is not proper for an international corporation to put the welfare of any country in which it does business above that of any other. AF opposes this line of thought, and believes that businesses operating in America, especially those formed under and protected by US law, should put the interests of US citizens first.

One of the more dangerous and costly items in the Globalist agenda is the embrace of the unproven theory of anthropogenic global warming and the movement to limit “greenhouse” gas emission, thus driving up energy costs for Americans and restricting economic activity. This unproven theory is based on flawed climate models that have been proven wrong. The real motive of the Globalists in promoting this false theory is to justify a massive transfer of wealth from US citizens to persons in other countries and to exert ever-more extensive government control over the daily lives of Americans.

The United Nations is now pushing a climate change treaty that would drastically limit oil, gas and coal consumption in the United States, and thus erode the standard of living of US citizens, while much of the rest of the world uses these resources as fast as they can.  Meanwhile, the treaty calls for rich nations like the United States to pay massive compensation to poor nations for supposed “losses” due to climate change.  All this at a time when American citizens are struggling with stagnant wages, lost jobs, a staggering economy, and the climate is NOT, in fact, warming.

AF rejects the entire Globalist project, beginning but not ending with Globalist views on man-made climate change.



Listen to candidate Barack Obama in his own words.  The perpetrators of the climate change scam aim to use the U.S. government and Executive Orders as tools to fashion the daily lives of American citizens according to international standards and desires.  Will there be food and thermostat rules enacted down the road?  President Obama apparently thinks there should be.

Globalists are remarkably open about their climate change crusade.  As Barack Obama told us in 2008, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

U. S. Senate Minority Report: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims; Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008. The notion of man-made climate change or global warming is a myth, and the much-touted claim that “climate change is settled science” is sheer nonsense.

A  recent letter from 125 prominent scientists from around the world to the United Nations Secretary General rebukes his bombastic climate change rhetoric.

Even renowned climate change believer Dr. Judith Curry of Georgia Tech has acknowledged that global warming has “paused” since 2002, and that the earth is in for “a slight cooling trend over the next decade or so.”  (You can find Dr. Curry’s own very technical observations here.)

In late 2012, the United States joined about 200 nations for climate change talks in Doha, Qatar.  The final agreement was limited in scope, and the U.S. did not sign it.  Apparently the Globalists in Washington understand that the time is not yet right, politically.  But it provides a glimpse of the wealth transfer this group is patiently working for:

“The [Doha] summit established for the first time that rich nations should move towards compensating poor nations for losses due to climate change. . . . .  [T]he conference also cleared the way for the Kyoto protocol to be replaced by a new treaty binding all rich and poor nations together by 2015 to tackle climate change. . . . The final text “encourages” rich nations to mobilize at least $10 billion a year up to 2020, when the new global climate agreement is due to kick in.” UN Climate Talks Extend Kyoto Protocol, Promise Compensation, Roger Harrabin, BBC Environment analyst, Doha, December 8, 2012 (emphasis added)

Some recent history and candid quotes from the climate change community:

Global Warming Was Never About Climate Change! “Climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.” – IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer – by Dr. Larry Bell )

Energy costs are much higher than they ought to be.  Most citizens intuitively know that, but many are unsure why.  Alan Caruba, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), recently explained the current Administration’s anti-energy agenda in a very educational piece, Gas Prices Should Be A Lot Lower.

The federal government wastes billions of citizens’ dollars on various schemes based on the false premise of climate change – and they don’t work anyway.

The Dogma Of Globalism,

Steve Sailer, August 1, 2010

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Senators Renew Push Against China Currency ‘Manipulation’ Despite Yuan’s Rise

By Doug Palmer, Jun 5, 2013

A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introduced legislation to give the United States new tools to fight currency manipulation . . . U.S. lawmakers accuse China of deliberately undervaluing its currency to give Chinese companies an unfair price advantage in international trade.