AF’s goals include educating Americans about how all levels of government in the United States have been corrupted by both foreign and domestic interests who have perfected the quasi-crime of exchanging campaign and PAC contributions for political favors in the form of subsidies, tax preferences, no-bid contracts, protective laws and regulations, monopoly franchises, below market rate loans, and a myriad of other forms of “crony capitalism”.

The extent to which our government has been hijacked by foreign and business interests was perfectly illustrated in the global financial collapse in 2008. In a secretive process special government financial subsidy programs unprecedented in size and scope were enacted ostensibly to “save the financial system from collapse.” In reality, these programs were nothing less than a giant robbery of the US government by an international elite financial oligarchy unwilling to take even a portion of the losses they suffered from their own bad investments.

The sad story of Solyndra is another textbook example of crony capitalism. A company founded by supporters of the current administration obtains a $500 million government guaranteed loan, then burns through the money and ends up bankrupt. Then the government has to make good on the loan guaranty with its citizens’ tax dollars.

The loss of taxpayer money in these schemes is bad enough. But the real crime occurs when ventures subsidized by the government actually succeed, (and many do because of the special government favors), and the profits from these ventures stay in the pockets of the “cronies” who curried favor with the politicians.

Worse still is that many of the businesses benefiting from this government largesse are owned and controlled by non-citizens. Our government is essentially subsidizing non-citizens.

AF believes that crony capitalism has corrupted the democratic process and must be stopped.


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