To further its mission of promoting the interests of US citizens, Americans First is offering its Citizens Action Agenda –  7 specific policies that our government could implement to help US citizens as together we fight against a weak economy and other forces working against our citizens.

 Americans First’s Citizens Action Agenda proposes:

1. Adopting a citizens’ tax credit of $1,000 on earned income.

2. Reducing tax rates on wages to equal the capital gains and investment tax rate.

3. Strengthening our entitlement programs and manufacturing industries with a surtax on multinational corporations and imports.

4. Breaking up the “Too Big to Fail” transnational banks and ending bailouts and corporate welfare.

5. Agressively enforcing existing immigration law and imposing an immigration moratorium until American citizens are fully employed and middle and working class wages are rising.

6. Requiring proof of US citizenship to register and a photo ID to vote.

7. Strengthening our national defense by avoiding foreign wars, closing unneeded foreign bases, and ending foreign aid.