Our federal government spent hundreds of millions to build the E-Verify system for employers to check the immigration status of applicants. However, there is no mandatory use of a simple system that is free to employers and takes less than 10 minutes to execute. Today, less than 10 States require employers to use E-Verify. In fact, the State of California made it illegal for cities and county governments to create ordinances requiring employers to use E-Verify. America needs to crack down on not only the illegal border crossings, but also the magnet that corporate businesses use to attract illegal immigrants.

Take a moment to watch an excerpt from the documentary Food Inc. that illustrates how corporations flaunt immigration laws and act in concert with authorities to keep the supply of cheap illegal immigrant labor flowing. Take special note of how Smithfield Foods advertises in Mexican newspapers for jobs and provides buses to transport workers. Click Here for a link to the excerpt.


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