Less than 10 states currently mandate use of E-Verify by both private and public employers. E-Verify is a quick, free, and easy tool for combating illegal immigration and is simply good public policy. Here’s why:

It Protects American Workers. E-Verify prevents job-related identity theft because full name, SSN, date of birth, gender and photographic identification must match.

It Prevents Wage Depression. Employers that hire illegal aliens over American workers drive down fair market wages and avoid obligations they owe their employees under state and federal laws. E-Verify prevents the depression of wages that result from illegal aliens willing to work for substandard pay.

It Turns Off The Magnet.  Mandating use of E-Verify reduces the attraction that causes many illegal immigrants to make an often dangerous journey.  Reducing employment opportunities eliminates that attraction.


Send a message to your local state legislator by Clicking Here and tell them to mandate E-Verify


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